The Deacon Ministry is composed of men who are members of the Church, tasked to be exemplary in their conduct, discreet in judgment, of honest report, full of faith and conscious that they shall set worthy examples of cooperation, love and loyalty for all members of the Church, abiding by the principles set forth in Acts 6, and

I Timothy 3.
The Deacon Ministry shall promote peace, harmony, and a spirit of unity and cooperation among the membership of the Church. The Deacon Ministry  is ordained, scripturally set apart, to serve the body in the following areas:
1. Pastoral support (i.e., evangelism, new member follow-up, hospital visitation, nursing home visitation, homebound, bereavement, etc.)
2. Church ordinance administration (Lord’s Supper shall be observed at least quarterly)
3. Benevolence ministry administration
4. Conflict resolution among church members; and
5. Leadership for new or existing ministries which are consistent with the respective deacon’s gifts and calling to ministry.